How It Works

AssessmentsCentral is a web-based software application for creating and managing assessments. With AssessmentsCentral, you can immediately create custom assessments with no software installations, downloads or programming. All aspects of the assessment development, administration and reporting are done online.

Design, Create
& Launch
Lead Generation, Reporting and Manage Assessments

  1. Signup for our service to create multiple custom assessments and launch them by linking it to the websites where you are promoting your business.
  2. Old and potential new clients visit theses sites, find the assessments relevant, and complete them to receive an assessment report in a downloadable PDF format.
  3. Clients review report and see the relevance of your product and service offering to their business needs. Get new business leads and deliver value to your customer base.
Phase 1: Design, Create & Launch Assessments Launch  Assessments


1. Create Account. If you are a business or a professional who is interested in AssessmentCentral, please register for a new account by providing the new account registration details. Your registration information and request will be evaluated, and a response will be sent within 24 hours. A 15 day trial period can be provided for new business customers. After the completion of the 15 day trial period, monthly subscription charges apply.

2. Review Assessment Goals. Review your product and service offerings to decide on specific assessments that are relevant to your market and customer needs. Primary focus should be given in delivering value to the customer in this process.

3. Design Assessment. Design and develop your specific assessment. Actual questions and possible answer choices within the assessment should be considered. Assessment can be divided into multiple sections with relevant questions and answers in each category. Two types of assessments are supported. 1. General (no correct or wrong answers). 2. Q&A (where there are one or more correct answers).

4. Create Assessments. Create your assessment on AssessmentsCentral by creating the needed categories and entering your questions and possible answer choices using the user-friendly forms based template.

5. Develop the Assessment Report. Develop the assessment report by providing report blocks for various user response choices. This step will develop the text that the user will see in his assessment report.

6. Design the Assessment Report. Design the assessment report by adding optional logo, images, colors, backgrounds, and custom navigation buttons and text. Customize your welcome and conclusion pages. Personalize your e-mail invitations (optional).

7. Launch the Assessment. Test your assessment and you are ready to launch! Launch the assessment by adding it on your web site or other online pages. The assessment link can also be provided to your customers on email or other communication material.

Phase 2 : Administer AssessmentsAdminister Assessments


1. Clients take assessments. Potential clients see your assessments directly on your web sites or using the assessment hyperlink. Clients who access the assessments are taken to the AssessmentsCentral site where they are hosted. The assessments are seen by your customers exactly as you designed it. The clients complete the assessment as it is relevant to their needs and provide their contact information.

2. Generate Assessment Report. As soon as the assessment is taken, AssessmentsCentral engine generates a custom assessment report for the client. Assessment Report can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format.

Phase 3: Lead Generation, Reporting and Manage Assessmentslead Generation


1. Clients Review Report. Clients review report and see the relevance of your product and service offering to their business needs. Deliver value and generate interest in your customer base.

2. Manage assessments. Manage the assessments, update, or delete the assessments or create new ones for launch using the AssessmentCentral's dashboard.

3. Review Data on the Assessments. Access your AssessmentsCentral dashboard for reports that provide you instant access to information on your assessments and its users. You can dig into details on the responses to the assessment questions. Looks into trends with historical data and make comparisons with responses on other assessments. Generate business leads and market intelligence that would help you grow your business.