Value Proposition

Assessments Central offers a compelling value proposition for you and your business. Here are some highlights on the direct benefits and value Assessments Central brings to your customers and business.

  • Our service will help drive more traffic to your website: Online users like taking assessments and quizzes, give them reasons to visit.
  • Valuable addition to your product launch collateral: shows relevance of your product, service and practice to customers.
  • Your clients get self-assessments and outcome reports that they can download.
  • Assessments help you to empower, influence and positively impact the decision making process of your clients.
  • Excellent Addition to your marketing campaigns: Improved lead conversion rates, more business for you. Reuse: Ability to reuse same questions and categories for multiple response points.
  • AssessmentsCentral makes designing, creating, administering assessments easy. Re-use questions between assessments, add images and many useful features.
  • Your clients would adore Assessments Central's assessment user panel, its media-rich functionality, and the ability to download PDF reports.
  • Fully hosted subscription-based service. No downloads or programming needed.
  • 15-day trial for new accounts. No need to provide credit card information when opening new accounts.
  • All this starting at $24.99 per month. Pay using PayPal or credit card.

Let's consider the alternative. A single custom assessment (similar to the one offered by Assessments Central) costs you, on average, around $750. In addition, the assessment bears additional costs to be hosted, administered and managed on your servers. In contrast, Assessments Central offers unlimited assessments at full functionality, hosted entirely on its servers, while keeping all the controls in your hand at a price starting at $24.99 per month!

Our service fits all marketing budgets, big and small. Great service at a reasonable price! Why wait? Go ahead and sign up for your account now.