Assessments Central has a tiered pricing for its customers based on the number of assessment responses per month, keeping the full functionality of Assessments Central available across all subscription levels. If you have more assessments in play or have a large audience who are interested and responding on the assessments, you move from the basic subscription level to the advanced or premium subscription level based on response level within the subscription month.

For information of the features and capabilities of Assessments Central, please refer to Features & Capabities page.

Feature/Subscription Basic
Premium  ($89.99/month)
Number of Assessments Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of questions per Assessment Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Responses per month 30* 75* 150**

* Once the response limit per month is passed for a particular subscription, you will automatically be upgraded to the next subscription level for that month, and automatic renewal at the new subscription level.

** Beyond 150 responses per month, additional responses per month will be charged at a rate of $0.50 per response