Assessments Central is a hosted service offering for businesses and professionals to promote their business by offering customized online assessments to their clients. This one-shop service allows businesses to develop, host and maintain the targeted assessments that demonstrate the relevance of their product and service offering to the business needs and priorities of the clients. Skills, certification and readiness based assessments, quizzes and surveys can also be created using this service.

Assessments provide a snapshot, a health check to enable customers to 'size up' a need or a situation. They are an important tool to empower, influence and impact the decision making process of your clients.

Using Assessments Central , businesses launch online professional, business-grade assessments instantly for current and potential clients. Clients who take the online assessments receive detailed assessment reports that provides relevant information targeted to their needs. Businesses get valuable data on customer leads and interests that help them in gaining new customers.

Businesses and professionals use their domain and market knowledge to create assessments for their target market audience. Such assessments help the customers better understand and relate to your product, service or practice. This makes assessments an essential and differentiating element of your business promotion and marketing collateral.

Assessments Central offers subscription plans at reasonable prices. It provides safe and secure payment gateway using PayPal.