User Applications

Assessments provide a snapshot, a "health check" to enable customers to 'size up' a need or a situation. They can be an important tool to empower, influence and impact the decision making process for your clients.

Assessments are applicable in all verticals. Information Technology, Finance, Health and Educational sectors are among the key verticals for assessments. Businesses and professionals use their domain and market knowledge to create assessments for their target market audience. You can help your customers better understand and relate to your product, service or practice. This makes assessments an essential and differentiating element of your business promotion and marketing collateral.

Assessments can be created for many different purposes. You should be clear about your goal with an assessment so that you can come up the relevant design and content for it.

 Assessments Central offers two types of assessments. General and Q&A. General assessments questions don't have a right or a wrong response. They are just to consider the inputs to understand the situation or need. The assessment report of an general assessment shares additional information, best practice recommendations, and provides information on how your product, service or practice can fit your needs. These fit well in business promotion and marketing campaigns of all sectors. Information or Network Security Assessments, Deployment Readiness Assessments, Performance Assessments, Risk Assessments, Health Assessments are some examples that can fall in this category.

Q&A Assessments have questions which have a right and wrong answers. Questions can be multiple choice, True or False, or scale types. The assessment report of an general assessments provides your actual score, percentage, and shares a detailed report on the question-by-question, showing your response, correct response and some additional information on each question. In general, most assessments in the education vertical fall into this category. Skills and learning assessments for training, certification and educational purposes fall into this category. While they have obvious application in the education sector, clients in all verticals find them interesting and valuable for self-assessments.